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''I want to make art that reveals a small part of the unnoticed world in such a way that the viewer in turn sees more of the beauty that surrounds us every day''


Marc Chabot works with acrylic paint and different stencils he cuts out of cardboard. He also creates mixed medium collages. He works on the easel as well as on a table. The images he creates on canvas and wood come from the sketches he draws every day. 

Trained as an architect in Quebec, Canada, he has been creating artworks for more than 25 years.

He’s had several group and solo exhibitions in Montreal. He’s deeply influenced by architecture, nature and the emotions his images can conjure up in the mind of the viewer.


After a six months residency in Southern California sketching and painting the west coast and the Coachella desert, he's having his American debut art exibition in Palm Springs in the fall of 2022.

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